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Design by Laerke

Design by Laerke is a Danish fashion brand, which is known for its dedication to quality and focus on the details, as well as the desire for the perfect fit. The founder and creative director, Ditte Laerke, has a background in the business and beauty industry.

Ditte Laerke has lived in Dubai since 2013 and started Design by Laerke back in 2014. Her style combines Scandinavian simplicity with colors and impressions from the Middle East, giving her design the best of both worlds.

The materials has been carefully selected with strict requirement, for high quality standards in mind. All designs are made locally in Dubai, giving the opportunity to be a part of the daily production.

Being upfront with the production, gives Design by Laerke the ability to adapt its creations to the styles trending right now. Most designs are only made in small quantities, which allow her to constant focus on new styles and variations.

At Design by Laerke, there is always focus on work conditions at their partners and they guarantee that all their production take place under decent conditions. 

We at Design by Laerke strive as far as possible to minimize the use of plastic and other difficult-to-recycle materials.

Awareness of the environment is an incarnate part of our DNA at Design by Laerke.

Creative director Ditte Laerke

Creative director

Ditte Laerke